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Transforming Your Inner Critic

Sometimes loud, often soft, negative self-talk is insidious. If you've asked, "Why does this always happen to me?" or felt "I'm not enough" or "I can't do it," you've likely internalized someone else's shame and blame. It's also possible you've internalized some level of cultural shame and blame. The root of negative thinking is our belief in dualism, that we are good/bad, strong/weak, smart/dumb, will ultimately achieve or fail. Would your life be different if you believed differently? Here are some ways to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs and habits.

4 Ways to Transform Your Internal Critic

1. Acknowledge your feeling. Replace the negative self-talk by identifying the feeling you're experiencing. Even if you're feeling hurt, anxious, or ashamed, you're letting go of an idea or behavior that no longer serves you. Allow yourself to feel the feeling and get help if you need to.

2. Use your imagination to create your experience:

  • Find a quiet place and comfortable position.

  • Close your eyes. Visualize the outcome you want to experience.

  • What does your outcome look, sound, and feel like?

  • Sit with this awareness and the feeling of accomplishment.

  • After opening your eyes, call upon and nurture your feeling of accomplishment.

3. Set a daily intention. My personal intention is I am surrounded by and supported by love. Use your desired phrase as a daily affirmation or mantra.

4. Use the finger hold meditation to recharge:

  • Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

  • Hold your finger and take a complete breath.

  • Move to the next finger and take a complete breath.

  • Keep going until you have held all ten fingers and taken ten complete breaths.

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