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Restore Your Confidence

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Often, we experience a lack of confidence when we feel ungrounded and disconnected. Many events evoke feelings of detachment. For example, we’re nervous when doing something new. We’re physically and emotionally depleted. Our environment has something or someone triggering our internal criticism and self-doubt. By taking steps to reconnect, we can once again feel grounded and restore our self-confidence.

6 Ways to Restore Your Self Confidence

  • Breathe. Intentional breathing reduces stress. Try the Finger Hold Breath. Close your eyes and take a slow breath while holding a finger. Go through each finger twice for 20 full breaths.

  • Do something you’re good at, whatever it is! Playing chess, cooking something new, having a great conversation.

  • Change your context. Take a walk. Watch a movie. Hear some music.

  • Be helpful. Make a donation. Mentor someone. Surprise a friend by doing something nice.

  • Talk to someone. A person who loves you supports you and can listen attentively.

  • Practice rigorous self-care. Do something you enjoy. Read a good book. Exercise. Get a massage. Keep your glass full!

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