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Reconnecting With Self

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Identifying who we are by what we accomplish can be motivating. It can also be emotionally debilitating. When we establish contingent self-worth, we seek external approval to validate our identity. This is fertile ground for the inner critic. You can soften self-judgment by focusing on the qualities you are instead of validating what you do. Here are a few ways to strengthen the connection to your authentic Self:

Four Ways to Strengthen & Reconnect

Recognize your qualities. Identify 3 qualities that describe you. If you're having trouble pinpointing your qualities, ask a colleague, friend, and family member for input. 

Set a daily intention. Use your qualities as a daily affirmation. Mine is "I am doing my best when I'm curious, creative, and compassionate." 

Redefine your success. Ask yourself, how did your specific qualities enhance this success?

Reevaluate a challenge. Ask yourself, how can I use more of my qualities to navigate this challenge?

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