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Practice Being Present

The best way I know how to be in the present is to acknowledge what I’m feeling in the present.  When I reflect on what I’m feeling, I'm more discerning.  From a place of curiosity, I’m able to grow my awareness consciously.

Exploring Your Feelings

  • Breathe.  At least 10 complete breaths.

  • Drop into your heart.  Put your hand on your heart and ask what you are feeling.

  • Don’t be judgmental.  Even if you are unable to name your feeling, be curious and experience not knowing. 

  • Ask why you feel the way you do.  Give enough space and time for the answer to come.

  • Go deeper. Ask when you have felt the same feeling before.

  • Feel your feeling completely.  Allow yourself to feel the feeling to gain insight. 

  • If needed, let it go.  If your feeling reflects a belief or expectation that no longer serves you, consciously let it go.

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