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Seven Days of Kindness

Seven Days of Kindness
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Being generous means I’m offering something with the intention of enhancing the well-being of another. I can offer money, but I can also offer my time, emotional availability, and encouragement. Many disciplines are actively studying generosity, and neuroscience has established a link between generosity, happiness, and your physical and mental well-being.

One study looked to see if different generous acts were equally rewarding. The experiment followed four groups of participants. Two groups practiced kindness with people they knew and did not know. Another group practiced self-kindness, and the last group observed acts of goodness. Despite predicting service to others would create greater happiness than self-kindness, all the different acts of kindness made people feel equally good.

Try the Seven Days of Kindness experiment to see if you and your family experience different levels of happiness. At the end of each stage, ask yourself how you felt practicing that type of kindness. What did you notice? Record your observations. If you are practicing in a group, gather to share your results.


  • Use this kindness resource to help you plan your acts of kindness.

  • Monday and Tuesday - practice generosity with your family and friends.

  • Wednesday and Thursday - share an act of kindness with an acquaintance, colleague, or stranger.

  • Friday and Saturday - practice self-kindness.

  • Sunday - observe acts of kindness carried out by other people, such as someone opening a door, giving directions, or saying “thank you.”

Reflecting on Your Experiment

  • How did you feel when practicing different types of generosity? What did you notice?

  • How did the outcome compare with your original prediction?

  • Why do you think the outcome was the same as/different than you predicted?

  • What, if anything, will you do differently moving forward?

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