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Update Your Title & Polish Your Brand

Updated: Mar 19

Lisa Askins - Executive Coach | Speaker & Educator

As mentioned in a previous post, 2024 Q1 Employment Trends, the tech industry is currently experiencing changes in job titles and functions, which are consolidating in different parts of the business. There’s a push to centralize transformation and growth, as well as GTM and Revenue Operations. I’m seeing strategy and transformation lining up under a Chief Transformation Officer and other GTM and Revenue Operations falling under a Chief Growth Officer. There’s also an active push to diminish the CMO role.

To keep up with these changes, it’s essential to research and update your titles. I’m not suggesting that you change your job title beyond the scope of your role and position. However, it’s beneficial to evaluate your titles to ensure they align with the current market.

Too often, tech roles were consolidated under general descriptions, like business operations, and the function was more specific, like GTM or Project Management. Because LinkedIn and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) operate off of keywords, employers may search for a title your LinkedIn profile and resume lack. Taking time to familiarize yourself with current job descriptions and normalizing your title is an effective way to polish your brand.

3 Steps to Normalize Your Title

Get familiar with general business and its functions. Here’s a good description of business paths with roles and IT job titles. Compare this research to your LinkedIn and resume to see if your titles need normalizing.


Explore current openings in your area by function. This will help you determine if your title needs updating. To assist you in your research, check out this previous post: Become a Search Ninja.

Normalize your titles. If you don’t want to alter your formal title, you can amend it with more description. To test if your changes are relevant, consider a month of LinkedIn premium to receive data about your search appearances. This will help validate your changes. If you’re interested in learning more about LinkedIn and filters, check out How Search Filters Work in Recruiter from LinkedIn Business Solutions.

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