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Your Brand During Tough Times

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Brand is what they say when you leave the conference room or conference call. It’s the lasting impression, and you have more control when you’re thoughtful about how you communicate. In my opinion, success in business is related to how well you plan your communications, how you communicate, and how brave you are to do it again and again. However, being thoughtful is challenging when you’re over-committed and under-resourced. Here are some ways to overcome the chaos and make a positive impression.

4 Ways to Have a Positive Brand During Tough Times

  • Put people first, problem-solving and driving efficiencies second.

  • Don’t adopt the urgency around you. Keep your pace slow and your tone calm. Ask questions before providing an answer.

  • Walk away if frustrated. When triggered, we are cut off from the higher functioning in our brain. Return and engage when the frustration has passed.

  • Do something for yourself every day to keep your glass full. Have a great conversation, listen to music, take a breather. There is no joy to experience when you are under-resourced.

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