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The Empowered Employee

To be informed and invested in your development:

  • Map the corporate landscape.  Understand the different functions in your company and how they work together to produce results.

  • Ask yourself how does what you do matter to the business?  Are your business goals clear and goals aligned?  What is your market value?

  • Ask for feedback.  “What two things are working well?  What two things should I do more of?  What, if anything, should I do less of?"

  • Create your Individual Development Plan.  Include two short term goals and a long term career goal.  Short term goals cover the current fiscal year.  

  • Increase your visibility by identifying a cross functional project to work on.

  • Make a list of ten advocates.  These are people who like you and your work.   Then, invite one of your advocates to coffee, lunch, or chat.

For more suggestions, tools and conversation email me.

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