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Share What You Enjoy

Updated: May 8, 2023

Happiness is a hot topic to study, and according to some scientists, our happiness is influenced by genetics, circumstance, and when we seek out meaningful activities.

There are aspects of our work we enjoy and even parts we find meaningful. Communicating what you enjoy about your job can be more impactful than sharing a success or offering an opinion. Sharing what you enjoy creates a meaningful and lasting connection.

Tips for Sharing What You Enjoy

  • Take the time to create and plan a few statements to share. The way we write and the way we speak is different.  Your statement should be written to say aloud.

  • It’s important to start your statement by describing something that you like or enjoy.  This approach is the most effective way to keep someone engaged. Start with “I like...” “I enjoy...”

  • Talk about people, not product.  Most of us can connect to stories if they involve people.  Very few of us can connect to stories involving product or data. 

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