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Develop Your Team’s Agility

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Technological change is exponential, and we’re in the early days of AI transforming how we do our work. Developing an agile mindset will help us adapt and thrive.

For managers, actively cultivating an agile mindset will temper your employee’s expectation of immediacy.

Be as transparent as you can about the promotion process. Let your employees know how they'll be measured, when and how the process occurs, and if they can help you with any next steps. Be clear about how your company determines promotion and any budgetary restrictions. Help your employees understand their compa-ratio. A compa-ratio measures the relationship between an employee’s salary (or a position) and the midpoint of the pay range for that employee (or position).

Help your team expand their strategic thinking by improving their understanding of the business. Ask them to pick a strategic area to focus on as part of their development plan -

  • Take a risk. Actively solicit opinions and ask questions.

  • Understand what drives business results. Identify what is driving results for your department and company and consider improving that performance.

  • Map the corporate landscape. Understand the different functions in your company and how they work together to produce results.

  • Be attentive to your competition. Identify and understand your company's top competitors.

  • Master your customers. Understand who your customers are and why they are your customers.

  • Stay on top of changes. Get current regarding changes occurring in your department, in other business units in the company, and in your industry overall.

  • Be an avid student. Commit yourself to ongoing learning by reading industry reports, industry news, attending seminars and conferences, and talking with experts.

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