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Community in Action

I’m someone who likes to exercise, and one of my favorite things to do is to work up a sweat while I spin.  The class I like the most is on Wednesdays.  Often, it would be overbooked with people jockeying for a bike.  Driven by my dislike of inefficiency, I volunteered to check everyone in.  What happened next was transforming.  I went from an individual in a line to a community leader who knows 43 people.  I’m introverted by nature but very social.  Being a community leader gave me a reason to be more social.  I realized that the best community I can create is one where I’m guided by my urge to help.

Tips for Building a Community

  • Examine where you offer help.  Take a week and jot down the times when you are helpful.  Is there a theme?  Are you spending more time or less time than you thought? 

  • Know your strengths.  Where you offer your help highlights what you do well.  

  • Step Up.  Now that you’re clear on what you do well, be conscious of how and when you offer help.  Offering your help can be a life-changing way to broaden your community.

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