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Break a Belief, Change a Habit

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

I am constantly amazed how my belief defines my action.  A belief that may or may not be true!  Take for example, running.  I am not a huge fan.  I enjoyed running as a kid but not as an adult.  Now that I am focusing on my physical health, it’s good to mix up my routine.  And so, I have started running.  Slowly.  I am still working my way into it but I actually like it.  If I had let my belief about running be my guide I would have never discovered how I feel about it now.  Our beliefs guide us, keep us safe, but also need to be challenged.  What I perceived yesterday may not be what I perceive today.  Since we are in the newness of 2014, it is a good time to examine beliefs and break those that keep you from living your best.

Tips for Breaking a Belief

  • Examine the root.  The foundation for self-limiting beliefs is insecurity.  Not good enough, loveable enough, deserving enough.  Ask yourself, what is the fear driving your belief?  If you are not certain, paint the worst case scenario and ask yourself “then what” until you have landed at the bottom.  This line of questioning will uncover the fear that is at the root of your belief.

  • Give yourself a different experience.  Once you have awareness of the fear, break the belief by taking action.  Challenge your belief by doing the opposite.  Get support from those who love you.  Build a practice of affirmations and post them where you can see them every day.

  • Do it more than once.  It is important to build a reserve of experience to reshape your belief.  It takes time to rewire your brain and change a habit.  This requires awareness, practice, and support.  Breaking a belief is hard work, but it will change your life.

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